As a former homeschool mama, youth camp coordinator, and elementary paraeducator, I’m extra excited about sharing my love of books and art with all ages.

Here are a few themes I focus on with groups:

fairy tales

Pre /K: puppets, fairy tales,

character hunt, retellings

1-2nd: puppets, fairy tale elements, character hunt, retellings

3-5th : fairy tale elements, mix-ups, retellings, adverbs, puppets

*supplies needed: cardstock, paper, glue, scissors tape, colored pencils for all students

*puppets will require some prep from host (copy & cut out)



picture booking

How an idea becomes a picture book

for writers & artists of all ages

(A.K.A. “how to make friends with revision”)



studio tour

photos and chat about workspace, habits, goal setting, & creative ways to grow

*Recommended: AV resources - projector + screen or in-system AV equipment



(aimed at writers ages 13+)

Here are some writing topics I love to explore with groups:

  • WRITING RHYTHMS (includes music, poetry, and movement)

  • SENSORY DIVE (becoming a Notice-r)


*supplies needed: notebook/ journal/paper & writing tools



Here are some of the art and illustration adventures I love to do with groups:

Becoming Artist Scientists: Using experimentation to grow as artists. A celebration of growth mindset with drawing games, opposite hands, blind contour drawing & feeling drawings, and discussion of what we learn when we take risks as artists. {Supplies needed: paper, pencils, and color of some sort - colored pencils, markers, crayons.}

Sketchbooking, with focus on - nature, people, movement, layout - depending on group size and needs.

*supplies needed: sketchbook or blank paper, pencils & coloring tools for each student

I offer a discount for low income districts.


1 class - 45 minutes = $150 + travel

1/2 day (1-2 classroom sessions) = $200 + travel

full day (5+ classroom sessions) = $500 + travel

full day + assembly = $700 + travel

(Out of Washington state, let’s talk about how I can best serve your community. Sometimes schools can combine resources to make this work.)

multiple schools in one area, 25% discount per school.

I’m also available for virtual Skype Q&A visits with your school, library, classroom, or book club. 

15 minute mini Skype visit = free

45 minutes (Any of the above themes + Q & A) = $45.

I only do a limited number of visits per year. Please contact me if this is something you want to set up.

If you have students with sight or hearing challenges, I’d love to know ahead of time so I can be aware of helping them feel included as well.

Individual sessions or critiques: